In a blown film extruder PE granulates (or other polymer) are melted in an extruder and pushed through a circular die extruding a tube of molten polymer. Tube is then inflated to multiples of its initial diameter and cooled to form a thin film. Bobble is later collapsed and re-winded.
Machine Code EX627
Manufacturer CMG
Year 2008
Number of layers 1
Material LDPE
Film Width (mm) 2200
Output (Kg/h) 300 Kg/h
Screw diam 80
Head description IBC, Fixed
Die diam (mm) 300 mm
Thickness controll system Yes, Innoplast
Take off unit Rotating
Corona treatment Yes

1 layers CMG blown film plant

  • Модель: EX627
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
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