Cast film extrusion lines are commonly used to extrude plastic films especially for flexible packaging industry. / In a cast film extruder PE, PP or PA granulates (or other polymers) are melted inro an extruder and pushed through a flat extrusion die (T die), extruding a sheet of molten polymer onto a cooled roller (chill roll).
Machine Code CA177
Manufacturer DOLCI
Year 2002
Number of layers 3
Film structure ABC
Material LLDPE stretch
Film width (mm) 2500
Speed (m/min) 500 mt/min
Extruder 1 Layer ref: A
Screw diam 180/26
Extruder 2 Layer ref: B
Screw diam 90/30
Extruder 3 Layer ref: C
Screw diam 90/30
Head description EDI Autoflex
Chill roll unit 3000mm diam primario 1000mm, secondario 350mm
Thickness controll system Measurex
Web guide E+L
Rewinder description A torretta max velocità 500 mt/min
Additional information Roll Palletizing automatic line Trituratore rifili Croci Lama di aspirazione ed estrusori Dolci

3 layers DOLCI Cast film machine

  • Модель: CA177
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
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