Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) and Biaxially oriented polyester (BOPET) are commonly produced in tender-frame lines. In these lines material is melted through a flat extrusion die (T-die) and solidified onto a cooled roller. материал is then stretched in machine direction in an MDO. Thereafter material is stretched in transversal direction in a TDO. These processes deliver a molecule orientation in both axes, this enhances many of their properties, particularly the mechanical, impact, barrier and optical properties.
Машинный код BO47
производитель BRUCKNER
Год 1996
Количество слоев 3
Overhaul/renovation 2005/2012
материал BOPP
Ширина (мм) 6600
Head description Gap 1.7-3.5
Die width 912
Система контроля толщины Yes; In 2008 gage control system was upgraded (Original, Thermo Fisher)
Chill roll unit Waterbath system; Diam 2200; Width 1200; Renaovated in 2012
MDO description CO14/6-2/2-90;Roll width: 1.1m, working width: 900mm; 14 pcs preheat roll (614mm); 6 pcs stretching rolls (150mm); 2 hot-setting roll (614mm); In 2012 preheat roller, heat-setting roller coated with chrome, and the drive inverter upgraded too
TDO description 61CO15EP/12/12/3/61/660/444; INFEED: Imported width: 650 ~ 800mm, outlet width: 6 ~ 6.9m; maximum tensile width: 7.5m, total length: 51m, fan total number of units: 42; inlet section: 1.5m, preheating section: 15m, stretch segment: 12m heatset sections: 12m, neutral segments: 3m, cooling section: 6m, exit segment: 1.5m; n 2008 clip opening and closing changed into a magnetic clip (Bruckner), added 1 set heat recovery for TDO bake (Yancheng Avion), & TDO bake increase fan frequency control devices. In 2012 TDO chain drive inverter and fan inverters upgraded
Corona treatment Yes, In 2008 & 2012, 2 # Corona, 3 # Corona were upgraded (Original MERO)
Slitter ATLAS; Unwinding maximum film width: 6.6m, maximum Rewinding diameter: 1.0m; slitting width: 0.4 ~ 2.2m; maximum operating speed: 1000 m / min; 2012 update winding arm motor control system upgradee (Siemens)
Дополнительная информация Raw material storsge transport system; Three layer die li; Manuf Bruckner; модель: 3A912; Width: 912mm; Dip width: 1.7~3.5mm, Electric heating 145kw, 32pcs Thermal expansion bolts; In 2008 die bolt control system was changed; Inline edge cut grinding and refeeding system; TDO : hot oil boiler included; In 2013 the burner was changed to natural gas burner; Air Compressor included from ATLAS COPCO; Chiller included from SRMW материал BOPP range 12-60my;

3 layers BRUCKNER BOPP / BOPET tenderframe plant

  • Модель: BO47
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